Exercise is a must!

Hi this is Cathi. I’m an Exercise Evangelist. I was exercising when it wasn’t fashionable. Most people go through an exercise phase, I never grew mine. My exercise routine is daunting…I’m a marathon stair climber.
Finisher…Chicago “Hustle-Up-the-Hancock” stair climb every February…my best time 94 floors, 1,632 stairs…33 min and 10 seconds. Finished the Presidential Tower climb, March 28, 2010 50 flights in ( unoffically) 15 min. Took four minutes off last years time.
Daily…Aerobic…20 mins to one hour….weight training 20-40 mins. I alternate run/walk up to 5 miles when weather permits.

If you want to discover how to look and feel younger and better longer than you ever thought possible, then make EXERCISE a must. How do I know,
I knew at the age of seven I didn’t want to grow old and at the age of 11, I was introduced to Classical Ballet. I was amazed, you see I thought everyone exercised every single day, au contraire….no they don’t, wish they would. Quality of Life would improve. If you’re experiencing a
health challenge, exercise may help. There’s an exercise routine for everyone!

Before beginning any exercise program/routine check with your Doctor first.

To Health, Yours!

Simply Ageless


One response to “Exercise is a must!

  1. You climbed the stairs at the Hancock? That’s amazing!

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